The DEKRA Group

DEKRA was founded in 1925 in Berlin, Germany, and at present it is one of the largest safety, training, and certification companies in the world. It started in the automotive sector, ensuring the best technical inspection and safety for vehicles, however, now it has expanded its activities into most aspects of daily life “on the road, at work, and at home”.

With an income of approximately 3.3 billion Euros, it is the largest inspection company in Germany and the third largest in the world, justly leading the European market. Currently, it covers a very broad spectrum of services related to safety, certification, and professional education and training.

Specifically, DEKRA Akademie, which is a member of the large DEKRA German Group of Companies, mainly deals in technical inspections, certification, and education. It has offices in 100 cities in Germany and more than 50 countries around the world. In 2009 it founded the DEKRA Applied Sciences Private University in Berlin. Globally, it employs more than 1000 educators and 44,000 workers, and it has organised more than 7000 seminars with 120,000 participants. It trains and certifies a broad spectrum of professional specialisations, from agricultural machinery operators, to German professional football (Bundesliga) referees.

DEKRA Akademie uses a broad network of scientific partners to plan, implement, and certify programmes for the training and further education of professionals, aiming to broaden their skills and better connect them to the labour market.

In 2025 DEKRA will have been active for 100 years, its standing vision being “we are a global partner for a safe world”.

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