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DEKRA Expert Migration HealthCare is a professional training programme that focuses on training nursing staff. The programme’s purpose is degree accreditation and placement of foreign nurses in clinics, and rehabilitation and care centres in Germany.

Our holistic approach combines a structured model of hiring and continuous training, through which we guide international nursing staff until the formal recognition of their profession in Germany.

Expert Migration HealthCare is dynamically growing and more than 4000 nurses are already preparing at DEKRA training centres in various countries, such as Serbia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Ukraine, the Philippines, Mexico, and Brazil.

Our approach: Hiring through qualifications

We think beyond our national borders and create access to a large group of specialised professions. 

By “hiring through qualifications” we mean the language and professional preparation for the German labour market of nurses who are already trained.

Future nurses attend a training programme that lasts 15 to 18 months in their own country, and they complete their language training with the telc certificate in German (B1+B2 Pflege). Upon completion of their B1+B2 German lessons (telc certificate), our candidates speak German and take a special test for accreditation.

DEKRA both prepares the nursing staff professionally for their job, and it also organises all the bureaucratic and legal processes necessary for the accreditation of their certificate, and the issuing of visas and work licenses.

The overall package is attractive and successful for those who want to work as nurses in Germany, in order for them to start their new professional future with excellent prospects and social upward mobility. Nevertheless: it requires a lot of energy, commitment, and persistence for a candidate to reach the level required in order to depart for Germany.

What is the role of DEKRA Akademie EPE?

The idea behind it is to prepare participants, who already have language and practical competence in their own countries, in a specially designed three-week training programme.

After the completion of their training, they come to Germany for the final theoretic and practical examinations.

At our training centre we teach specialised knowledge in nursing, anatomy, general medicine, pharmacology, and psychology.

Our team in Thessaloniki provides all the necessary material for the training of the candidates in the country where they are training.

For that purpose, our training centre employs nurses, medical laboratory assistants, physical therapists, and nursery attendants, who, with their knowledge and professional experience, guarantee a higher level of studies, so that the candidates can succeed in their certification exams, in order to obtain a work license in Germany.

By the end of 2020 approximately 3000 nurses had been trained, of whom 2000 were from Albania, 750 were from Serbia, and the rest were from other countries such as Kosovo, N. Macedonia, and Mexico.

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