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GENIUS TRAVEL received DEKRA Certification

The travel agency GENIUS TRAVEL P.C., based in Thessaloniki, has successfully received the DEKRA Standard Trusted Facility Certification for its policy and measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in all its facilities.

Clearing the path for safe Tourism!

It is our great pleasure to announce that ''SILVER HOLIDAYS – CHATZIMANOLIS & CO L.P.'' received the DEKRA Standard Trusted Facility Certification for the excellent protection measures against COVID-19 that it consistently employs and observes. Through this success SILVER HOLIDAYS has become the first travel agency we have certified in Greece, thus contributing to the smooth recommencement of the tourist season in the safest way possible.

The ''ALPHAVITOS'' Translation and Interpretation Centre received DEKRA certification

The ''ALPHAVITOS'' translation and interpretation centre is based in Thessaloniki and it provides translation services in all languages, with speed, specialisation, and consistency.

''KRITIDIS K. & CO G.P.'' received DEKRA certification DEKRA

''KRITIDIS K. & CO G.P.'' Opel Service was certified in accordance with the ''DEKRA Standard Trusted Facility'' scheme, by adopting a series of measures and integrated actions to prevent and reduce the coronavirus.


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