Consulting Services

Why us

In a highly competitive and constantly evolving environment, promptness in making strategic decisions and methodical implementation are required. The correct decision-making, the study of the risks inherent in each major action and effective implementation are factors that can be decisive in optimising organisational structures.

The aim of DEKRA Akademie EPE is to provide integrated services that respond to the increasing economic challenges of the European and international environment, while the fields of activity of the Greek company include Tourism, Rural Development, Renewable Energy Sources, Environment and Health.

The changing economic conditions are the starting point for the education and utilization of human resources, where DEKRA Akademie EPE plays a leading role, implementing programs aimed at the education and training of human resources to meet the needs of the Greek and European labor market, utilizing European financial and policy tools.

How we can help

The services provided by DEKRA Akademie EPE are addressed to companies, organisations and unemployed people. However, apart from the training activities that the company implements, it also provides integrated consultancy for financial solutions, ranging from business information and consultancy support to the preparation of business plans and project proposals, communication and promotion services, the preparation of surveys, analyses and evaluations on economic issues, employment, training, technology, education and culture. It also cooperates with governmental institutions, municipalities, regions, educational institutions, professional associations, companies and vocational schools.

Our team

For all the above reasons, DEKRA Akademie EPE employs a strong team of specialized staff and scientific collaborators and lecturers, while its permanent staff consists of qualified personnel with long-term experience in the fields of vocational education and training, in the design and implementation of actions for the development and evaluation of human resources, the use of new information and telecommunications technologies and the implementation of co-funded programs. 

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