E-Mobility Training

E-Mobility: the future of transport

By e-mobility, we mean all vehicles and infrastructures that use electricity for the main purpose of transport and mobility. The idea of electromobility is not new, as many people may think, but it is simply becoming necessary to replace conventional internal combustion vehicles (petrol, diesel and LPG) and aims at a more sustainable solution in the field of transport.

Conservation of natural resources and a clean environment, as well as sustainability remain the most important arguments for the transition to e-mobility. The safety training needs for electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles will increase significantly in the coming years, as the sales volume of electric vehicles is set to grow from 2 million units in 2020 to 54 million units in 2040.

DEKRA offers a comprehensive e-mobility seminar with technical training via app and certification, adapted to perfectly meet the new safety requirements of drivers, repairers, insurance companies, trailer operators, dealers and workshops.

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E-Mobility Training

In an organized effort to transfer advanced expertise, it was necessary to develop an independent training model, with the main objective to contribute to the professional education and training of those interested in the evolving market of electric vehicles and electromobility.

On this occasion, DEKRA, in cooperation with experienced technicians, trainers and experts in electromobility, has designed the innovative electric mobility course, entitled "E-Mobility Training", which addresses the safety requirements in the field of electromobility. The e-mobility seminar is based on a comprehensive, modern and flexible tool, DEKRA's training app, 'Training Cube' and supported by DEKRA's LMS platform, enriched with gamification techniques, available on smartphones, tablets and computers.

So this is E-Mobility Training, an innovative and certified training seminar that will enable operators, suppliers, repairers and technicians from all over the world to learn how to safely operate, trail, repair and maintain electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. DEKRA, as an independent body, issues certification for successful completion of the workshop.

The benefits of the E-Mobility Training

The electromobility seminar allows Operators, Suppliers, Drivers and Technicians to be confident in their knowledge of how to safely operate, transport and trail, repair and maintain electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

In addition, the training is fully up-to-date and in line with the cutting-edge technology, as it is carried out with 3D learning elements, several explanatory learning videos and the use of realistic models (electric, hybrid and fuel cell) through Virtual Reality. In this way, the knowledge about the structure of electric vehicles is conveyed in an understandable and entertaining way with several 3D exercises, descriptive videos to introduce the basic concepts, but also practical training in a real vehicle.

At the end of the training seminar on electric vehicles, participants will be certified by DEKRA, an independent body with many years of experience and international recognition in the field of professional training and certification.

What the certification offers

    • Acquisition of necessary skills, following the different steps in an exciting learning journey, using gamification and Virtual Reality. 
    • Evaluation of the necessary electrical work, identification of potential risks and the possibility of taking appropriate protective measures.
    • Access to DEKRA's educational app, 'Educational Cube - e-learning App', with a permanent update of new educational material for 1 year after the completion of the training.
    • Access to the EV database and manufacturers' manuals for 1 year after completion of the training.
    • Certification under the seal of DEKRA.
E-mobility training with the gamification method and the use of Virtual Reality
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Standard Trusted Facility

Levels and duration of certification

Participants can acquire and practice all the necessary skills by following the different steps in an exciting two-level learning journey:

  • Junior Profile (as a prerequisite for everyone) contains the initial digital training for crane drivers, operators, and call center operators, via a web-based application. The learning time is approximately 5 hours.
  • Senior Profile(for more advanced drivers/technicians) contains the Initial Digital Training via web application and additional hands-on classroom training. Learning time is approximately 1 hour of digital training and one and a half days of Practical Classroom Training.

* The Junior Profile is a prerequisite, prior to participation in the Senior Profile.

Health and safety training, can be very enjoyable & safe!

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