Clearing the path for safe Tourism!

It is our great pleasure to announce that ''SILVER HOLIDAYS – CHATZIMANOLIS & CO L.P.'' received the DEKRA Standard Trusted Facility Certification for the excellent protection measures against COVID-19 that it consistently employs and observes. Through this success SILVER HOLIDAYS has become the first travel agency we have certified in Greece, thus contributing to the smooth recommencement of the tourist season in the safest way possible.

DEKRA was a pleasantly surprised by the responsibility and consistency of SILVER HOLIDAYS people, who, at their own initiative, set into motion the processes that won them their Certification before the commencement of the tourist season, as they consider the health and safety of their employees and their customers their key obligation and responsibility.

According to the owner of SILVER HOLIDAYS, Mr Stefanos Chatzimanolis, “The efforts of all travel agencies must focus on the creation of a an environment that is safe, from a health perspective, for our colleagues and visitors. DEKRA provides us with the opportunity to achieve our goals, through strict terms and the corresponding certification.”

The director of DEKRA Akademie EPE, Ms Dimitra Rousvanidou, commented on the matter and mentioned: “It is our pleasure and honour to contribute to the commencement of a safe tourist period, by offering DEKRA's Certification. Our times demand a responsible and insightful position from all of us.”

We would like to thank the SILVER HOLIDAYS travel agency for caring for the safety of us all!!

DEKRA Certification… the most valuable ally in the battle against the pandemic!

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