''KRITIDIS K. & CO G.P.'' received DEKRA certification DEKRA

''KRITIDIS K. & CO G.P.'' Opel Service was certified in accordance with the ''DEKRA Standard Trusted Facility'' scheme, by adopting a series of measures and integrated actions to prevent and reduce the coronavirus.

From the very beginning of the pandemic outbreak, KRITIDIS K. & CO G.P. has had the health and safety of its employees, partners, and customers as its primary goal. Besides the necessary measures it has adopted aiming at their complete protection, it also completed all the processes necessary to receive the DEKRA Standard Trusted Facility certification in all the spaces of its facilities.

This action highlights the respect and commitment of ''KRITIDIS K. & CO G.P.'' towards the safety of all involved bodies. The DEKRA Standard Trusted Facility Certification Scheme was developed to support public health and safety, and for the continuity of Greek entrepreneurship.



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