The ''ALPHAVITOS'' Translation and Interpretation Centre received DEKRA certification

The ''ALPHAVITOS'' translation and interpretation centre is based in Thessaloniki and it provides translation services in all languages, with speed, specialisation, and consistency.

The translations cover a broad range of needs, whether they be translated documents, websites, or specialised texts in the sectors of: medical translations, legal translations, pharmaceutical translations, and all types of translations. It established itself in the sector very quickly, due to its human resources, which consist of professional translators who are prepared to undertake any case.

One of the most important actions it implemented for its business continuity and reliability, was to certify its facilities with the  DEKRA Standard Trusted Facility Integrated Certification Scheme. Thus, it became the first centre in the translation and interpretation sector to receive the certification, implementing all necessary procedures and practices of the WHO and EODY, with the guidance and support of DEKRA. Respect towards customers and staff are among the key values of the ALPHAVITOS translation centre.

DEKRA continues to work methodically in order to prepare enterprises to adapt their processes to the protocols set out by EODY, ensuring their seamless operation. Thank you for taking care of everyone’s safety.


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